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Placenta Encapsulation Services 

updated July 2022


Placenta encapsulation (or placentophagy) is the practice of ingesting the placenta. Encapsulation is altering the placenta form by steaming (or keeping raw), dehydrating, grinding into a powder, and placing the ground placenta powder into capsules (gelatin or veggie) to take orally as a health supplement. Traditionally, this is taken by the birthing mother and is believed to impart numerous health benefits.  The placenta can be consumed after giving birth (postpartum), during a woman’s menstrual cycle or during menopause (with the belief that it can counter some of the symptoms of menopause). The placenta is composed of beneficial hormones, chemicals, iron, and proteins that can aid in healing after childbirth.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Effects may* include:
-  Increased release of the hormone oxytocin, which helps involution of the uterus & encourages bonding with the infant
-  Increase in CRH, a stress-reducing hormone                            
- Reduces postpartum bleeding (lochia)
- Decrease in postpartum depression (PPD) levels & stabilize mood
- Restoration of iron levels in the blood/ hemoglobin (aids in anemia)
- Aide in milk production (milk can come in quicker and increased supply is possible)
- Increased energy (due to oxytocin and iron)                              
- Speed up postpartum recovery
 *Note-consumption of your placenta is not a guarantee of treatment for any illness or medical condition. Anecdotal evidence shows many benefits to mothers but everyone may experience the effects of their placenta differently. 


Contact via email (info@ToniKinsmanConsulting.com) or call/ text 951.743.3168 and you will be emailed a placenta client agreement to review and complete. To book services 1) submit signed placenta client agreement and pay the $100 retainer. You may type into our fillable PDF form from a computer or use the free Adobe Fill & Sign app on your cell phone. Another option is to scan or email/ text clear images of your agreement. No printer needed! Ideal to book once you hit your 3rd trimester (week 30)! 

AFTER you have booked your services, please let us know via telephone or text at 951-743-3168 that birth is imminent (active labor or admittance to birthplace) so we can prepare for the process of pick up/ encapsulation. You can even call/ text in the middle of the night! Once notified, I will come and pick the placenta up from you either at the hospital (unless drop off is arranged prior), birthing center or at your home, depending on when you give birth. Pick up will occur within 3 hours of notification (often sooner). Communication is key! DON'T FORGET YOUR COOLER! 

HOW SHOULD MY PLACENTA BE STORED/ TRANSPORTED AFTER BIRTH? Clients have up to two (2) hours after birth (at room temperature) to package the placenta into a hospital provided container with lid/ biohazard bag or bring your own 2-3 plastic ziplock freezer bags (gallon size). Place packaged placenta into your cooler (hard or foam is best- medium size/ approx. 16+ quarts) with ICE. It should go into a fridge (not freezer unless it will be more than 72hrs from birth to process into capsules) as soon as possible.

Please use a cooler with ICE for transport. Proper food handling guidelines require that the placenta be sealed & stored on ICE or refrigerated within 2 hours from birth. The placenta can remain on ice if the ice is frequently changed until it can be moved to a fridge. Your placenta may be kept in a fridge up to 72 hours, if not encapsulated by that timeline, move to freezer for up to 6months (regular freezer)-1 year (deep freezer). If hospital birth, your nurse will provide ice- feel free to ask for more ice if needed to keep placenta safely cold.

WHAT PREPARATION METHOD SHOULD I SELECT? Prep method is often client preference except for a few medical situations (anxiety, insomnia, bipolar, GBS+, cholestasis, fever, etc.) when steamed method is suggested (clients may opt for raw with GBS+, anxiety or insomnia) for best results. 

RAW method: placenta is dehydrated (at 160 degrees), ground and encapsulated. Using the raw method will yield more capsules than the steamed method. The potency of the hormones are stronger with the raw method verses steamed/ heated and is our most popular preparation method. No raw placenta- just dehydrated placenta powder in capsules. 

STEAMED/ heated method: placenta is steamed using water only, then dehydrated (at 160 degrees), ground and encapsulated. No other items (ginger, pepper or lemons in TCM) are added to the steaming water (unlike the Traditional Chinese Method also called TCM which we do not practice at this time) and no additives/herbs are included in your placenta powder. 


Placenta Tincture- experience the benefits of your placenta long after your capsules are gone. A tincture is prepared with your placenta in a glass dropper bottle using 100 proof vodka or apple brandy. Contents can be strained after six (6) or more weeks (to allow it to infuse/ steep) with an unbleached coffee filter or cheesecloth. Turn the bottle daily to move contents that have settled to bottom.  A tincture can last for many years once your capsules have been consumed and many keep for menopause. Dosage is a few drops under your tongue or in a glass of water. Please view the services list online for current pricing.

Placenta Smoothie- your placenta can (often) be taken in raw form with your favorite fruit smoothie recipe with little to no taste. Banana is a great addition to placenta smoothies. You can select to have a certain number of cubes taken from your placenta prior to dehydration that you can use for smoothies. These cubes are kept in individual sealed containers for quick freezing and use. Specify how many you want on your client agreement under preparation. 

 Umbilical Cord Keepsake- all placenta encapsulation clients will receive a complimentary cord keepsake (if cord is present). The umbilical cord is shaped and dehydrated and placed into a mesh keepsake bag. Perfect for memory boxes and hanging shadow boxes. Please note, size and shape varies based on umbilical cord present after birth. This service is also available for clients who do not select encapsulation. If you will be banking cord blood, please note there will be no umbilical cord keepsake. Select from natural, silver or gold cord keepsake.

 Artistic Placenta Print- your placenta resembles a beautiful tree of life, growing and sustaining your child. Many clients want to have a keepsake made for nursery décor and memory boxes. Artistic prints can be made using cord blood or food grade color dye. Note- cord blood will turn brown naturally and can fade if exposed to sunlight. Clients with artificial food grade dye sensitivity may select coloring prior to service, note any allergies or color/ dye preference on placenta client agreement. Please see the Services list for current pricing. Paper medium used is watercolor or charcoal, size 9" by 12". Due to the unique details of each placenta, prints will vary and not be alike. If your placenta is unable to be consumed, you can still make artistic prints- and can even use acrylic paints as well for varied colors for placentas that cannot be consumed.

 WHAT SHOULD I DO TO ENSURE MY BIRTH PLACE WILL RELEASE MY PLACENTA? Most hospitals have a form authorizing the release of your placenta (may also be called Products of Conception or Placenta Release). Make sure you mention your wish to have your placenta released on your written birth plan and to your nurse/ care team upon admission at birthplace (and shift change). Some hospitals will release it as soon as you deliver.  Each facility will vary on placenta release- please call your Labor & Delivery unit to speak with a Charge Nurse on current policy once you hit 37 weeks (or when you book services/ 3rd trimester). Please be sure to have your foam cooler (or hard sided) to allow for ice to be added for safe transport.  NO chemicals should be added to the container holding the placenta. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 during the current pregnancy, please inquire with your birthplace about current placenta release protocols (most require only negative at birth for release). It is the client's responsibility to ensure placenta release of their precious placenta. You still have the right to your placenta in the state of California!


If you have tested positive for the Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) during your pregnancy, you may safely consume your placenta via (steamed method) capsules IF: 1) you test negative for COVID-19 prior to birth, 2) no other signs of infection/ illness are present at time of birth and, 3) your birthplace releases your placenta (your physician may want to send to pathology to study). We are unable to encapsulate for clients who actively test positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the time of birth (even if asymptomatic). 

 What if they take my placenta to pathology? In some cases if infection is evident or suspected, the hospital may want to take the placenta to pathology for examination. If possible, request that only a small sample to be removed (in the delivery room) from the placenta be taken to pathology for examination and the rest of the placenta be discharged with the client. In this case, we will need to wait on the lab results to ensure the placenta is safe for consumption if the reason is due to suspected infection. If results have not been received within 72 hours, the placenta will need to be frozen and encapsulated later if the results of the sample are negative. If your placenta is taken to pathology in whole, TKC will be unable to process for encapsulation as oftentimes the pathology lab surfaces are not a sanitary food grade environment for a placenta once removed from the container for a specimen sample to be processed, causing contamination with possible blood borne diseases and unsafe food practices. No additives/ chemicals should be in placenta container. If you are diagnosed with a uterine infection (chorio), your birthing facility will likely not release your placenta and send to pathology.

 What if I am positive for (GBS) Group B strep? You can still safely encapsulate with maintaining proper safety protocols. Group B strep is a common bacterium that does not normally pose health risks to the mother. Rarely, Group B strep can lead to a uterine infection. Group B strep is not contraindicated in PROPER placenta preparation. It is recently recommended to use the steam method for GBS+ clients versus raw method but we leave the option to our clients in most cases. Your care provide will conduct a vaginal swab at your appt. between 35-37 weeks. Please update this information on page 2 of your placenta client agreement when known. 

Can I encapsulate my placenta if I had a cesarean section? Yes, no matter how your baby is birthed, encapsulation and consumption of your placenta is still an option if stored safely post birth. Be sure to let your birth team know you intend to keep your placenta. Don’t forget your cooler!

 Can I encapsulate my placenta if I want to do delayed cord clamping or do cord blood banking? Yes, you can still encapsulate. We encourage you do to delayed cord clamping as it has many benefits to baby. If you do cord blood banking, the hospital representative will likely take the entire umbilical cord and a small sample of placenta. 

 Can I encapsulate my placenta if my baby passed MECONIUM before birth? Yes. Meconium does not contain fecal bacteria that normal stool does. Meconium is dangerous for the infant to inhale, but is otherwise harmless.  If meconium is present during birth, your placenta will thoroughly rinsed with apple cider vinegar (ACV) before encapsulation. If heavy meconium is present, the steamed prep method may be used. 

Where do you encapsulate? Do you only encapsulate in your home workspace? Will you use my (client) kitchen? 
I prefer to encapsulate your placenta in my sanitized (per universal precautions protocol) home workspace.  Update March 2020- due to COVID-19 in client home services are not available and will be re-assessed at a later date.

How do you clean your tools and equipment? Once your placenta is in our possession, it is processed in a sanitized environment using only dedicated sanitized placenta equipment. Your placenta will be treated ethically with respect and care while maintaining the highest standards of universal precaution and preparation in a food prep environment. Everything meets CDC guidelines for COVID-19 (personal protective equipment is used at all steps).  All tools and work surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after use with a 10% bleach solution and industrial grade hydrogen peroxide. Both are rated for COVID-19 sanitation. 

What training related to placenta do you have? I proudly have gone above and beyond the suggested minimum industry standard guidelines for placenta encapsulation (placenta encapsulation is not a regulated industry in the US) and possess an OSHA certified bloodborne pathogens course certificate (annual renewal), County of Riverside food handler card and completed two professional encapsulation training courses through the International Placenta & Postpartum Association (IPPA) in Los Angeles and San Diego. Additional education regarding placenta continues via IPPA and APPA. All training documentation is available upon request.

This service has not been evaluated by the FDA. The services offered are not clinical, pharmaceutical, or intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Families who choose to utilize these services take full responsibility for their own health and for researching and using placenta and placenta capsules. Individuals who choose to encapsulate their placenta take full responsibility for their own health, education and research on placentophagy. Please check with your care provider if you have any medical concerns. Side effects as with any natural supplement or pharmaceutical are possible. 

Have more questions? Please contact us and ask!  


E-MAIL OR CALL/ TEXT 951-743-3168 TO CHECK AVAILABILITY & WE'LL EMAIL THE PLACENTA CLIENT AGREEMENT & PAY THE $100 RETAINER FEE (remaining balance due birth day; placenta pick up/ drop off).